Write Your Website: Copywriting Session

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Good design IS good copy!

Do you have a gorgeous site but walls of rambling text that don't resonate with your clients?

Or, does your website have only a few, awkward paragraphs that don't sound like you...at all?

When you sit down to write your copy do you suddenly morph into a super formal, academic person who sounds really dull or formal or just...off?

Writing copy can be the biggest stumbling block to launching a website.

Copy is a KEY component of your website!

Are you thinking, "But how can I write copy? I don't even know what copy is much less how to write it"!

No worries.

This is when I put on my English teacher hat (yep, in my former career I spent over 15 years in the high school and college classroom teaching English.)

We'll set up a call and prior to the call I'll review your current site (if you've got one). If not, no worries.

During our call, I'll activate one of my super-powers which is an ability to type freakishly fast.

I'll interview you, asking your specific questions to hear your voice and capture your words. I'll also type it all up.

When we're done, I'll work my magic and start writing in your voice.

You'll get a rough draft of one page of your website, a transcript of our call with notes/highlights, and the recording of our call.

From these notes, you'll have the foundation to write the rest of your site.

I use this strategy with all of my custom design and coaching clients, and it's one I used to use with my students. It absolutely works to break through and capture your amazing voice.

Are you ready to write?

Investment: $129

Step 1: Click here and you’ll be taken to my online scheduler to schedule our session.

Step 2: Next, make your payment through my online scheduler.

Step 3: I’ll connect with you via a conference line on Zoom at our scheduled appointment time. You'll receive all of the contact information in an email. You'll also get reminders for our appointment.

If you've got any questions, feel free to contact me.