I started my business, Entwine Web Design, with a focus on web design, hence the name of my business.

Shortly after I launched, I found myself talking to a potential client. She was not tech-shy. She’d actually tried to build a WordPress website, but she’d gotten frustrated. So, she’d built a site on Wix and wasn’t happy with her website. When she tried to switch back to WordPress, her site vanished into the ether, and she hadn’t had a website for months.

She was overwhelmed with the task but wasn’t sure she was ready to hire a custom designer. So, completely on the fly, I offered her a Website Coaching program, and this lovely client agreed to be my Website Coaching program guinea pig!

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I drew on my 15 years in the classroom along with my design experience and created Entwine’s Website & WordPress Coaching program.

We got started, and the program worked! My client built a site that she loves, and I started to market my new Website & WordPress coaching offering.

A few months later, I had a handful of beta website builders in my coaching program when a woman in a Facebook group I’m in told me I should remove “website coaching” from my description of what I do.

“Why?” I asked.

“Nobody knows what that is” was her less than encouraging reply.

Rather than remove it, I thought I’d define it.

What is Website Coaching?

To me, website coaching is teaching – good one-on-one instruction, support, and guidance on how to structure, design, and build a website in WordPress. You can download the Website Creation Starter Kit here for more guidance on the entire process.

It could also be called WordPress coaching, but it’s more than about how to use WordPress.

Why hire a website coach?

Starting a business and creating a website is a huge undertaking. I’ve found that the website piece is often the piece that stops solopreneurs cold. They know what they want. They’re creative and can picture it in their heads, but they can’t quite make it happen.

Web coaching is not about teaching future web designers or building sites in two hours. It’s me guiding clients, 1/1 through the website creation process, tackling each of the steps one at a time.

But I’ve come to learn that Website Coaching is far more than building a website. It’s about guiding women through clarifying their message, overcoming their fears of becoming visible, aligning their business and their online presence with their values, and sharing that with a global audience. Together, we work through those stumbling blocks.

Who is Website Coaching for?

Website coaching is for entrepreneurs who want total creative control over their websites. They want to be able to update the copy, change images, and maybe even rebrand the whole thing without relying on a designer.

They want their website to evolve with their business, so if they change their offerings because their business has evolved in a short time, they want to be able to adjust their website to match their offerings.

This program is for entrepreneurs who are comfortable with tech. Maybe they’ve tried to build a site and like my client who I talked about above, got frustrated with outdated and confusing YouTube videos and endless Googling without finding exactly what they need.

It’s for people who want 1/1 WordPress support as they go through building their website. So much in the online world is about structuring your business so it can “scale,” serve a gazillion people at once, and make a bajillion dollars with each launch.

Website coaching is the opposite. It’s a high-touch coaching program where I walk my clients through the entire website process, from drilling down their sitemap and pages, developing their brand, designing the pages to meet their business goals, writing their copy, and building and maintaining their website.

like working closely with my clients. In fact, I used to design my lesson plans at school so I could have 1/1 conferences with my students. I’ve also found my clients like having someone they can contact when they get stuck!

Don’t let your website woes keep you from moving forward in your business.

If you’re ready for a website, let’s chat and see if website coaching is a fit for you.




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