Create Your Dream Website Coaching Program

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You're getting started online, maybe you've already got an offline business or maybe you're just launching your dream.

In either case, you are READY to BE SEEN in a BIGGER WAY.

The world needs your gifts and you're ready to get them out there. 

The problem? You know what you want with your website, but you can't quite get there.

You need help with the tech, the design, the copy, and you're OVER spending hours Googling and watching out-dated YouTube videos to try and figure it out.

This is how I got started in web design six years ago. I knew what I wanted, but I struggled to get there.

Create Your Dream Site is my answer to your problem.

You're a tech savvy entrepreneur who wants total control over her website. YOU want to run your empire without relying on a designer, a developer, a copywriter, or a VA. You'll get there, but right now, you want to be the architect of your business.

I understand, and I can help.

I built this program for YOU.

You've wanted to wave a magic wand and have your website magically appear. This program is that magic wand!

It's both a course and a coaching program. Together, we'll DIY your site with style, strategy, and most of all, support.

You don't need to be a designer, a digital strategist, or a tech-wizard to create a gorgeous, strategic website to support your business growth.

You do need to be comfortable with tech and have a willingness to learn.

You'll have a customizable website that is authentically you that you can utilize as an effective tool to grow your business.

How does the Create Your Dream Website Program work?

Plan It

We have a strategy call where we discuss the goals for your site and define the pages you'll need for your site.

Brand It

Access to an entire program on how to begin branding your site which includes how to choose the colors, images, and fonts that reflect you and your personality, aligning with your offerings and how you work.

Write It

We'll have call #2, and I'll put on my English teacher hat.  Together we'll create one page of copy. You'll also receive a transcript of our talk and access to lessons on creating copy for each page of your website.

Build It

You'll choose templates for each of your pages, and I'll get busy installing WordPress, adding plugins, and installing your theme & page templates. I'll show you how to change the images, fonts, colors, and copy, to fully customize your site.

How-to Lessons & Videos

Each section above has an entire series of "how-to" lessons and videos to walk you through creating all of the assets you'll need for your website as well as how to customize, launch, and manage your website once it's launched.

Tons of Support

In addition to the two hour long 1/1 calls, you will have access to weekly office hours calls and a private Facebook group where you can ask all of your questions. My background is in education and I have a strong belief in the power of 1/1 support to help you achieve your goals.

Bonus Lessons

There are bonus lessons on setting up and integrating email using MailerLite, Acuity (an online scheduler), and Google Analytics as well as an introduction to basic SEO.

How this works...

To get started:

Step #1) Schedule a no-obligation consultation call.

Step #2) When you schedule, you'll answer a few questions, so I'll know what you need help with before we hop on the phone.

Step #3) At your scheduled time, we'll talk about your website! This is our opportunity to make sure we're a good fit before committing to work together.

Step #4) We'll get started on your website by enrolling in the program and scheduling your first strategy call with me.

If you decide not to work with me, I'm happy to share any resources you need to get your dream website up and running.

If you've got any questions, check out the FAQ below or feel free to email me.

“I was so stressed out about creating my website. I didn’t understand any of it. It was like trying to drive a stick shift but all you know are the street signs. You really need to know HOW things work and WHY they do certain things in order to make it work in your favor. It was overwhelming, but Amy is so GOOD at what she does. She is really good at explaining things in different ways for people. I didn’t feel stupid asking questions – she’s like talking to a smart and understanding friend, and she really helped me when I got frustrated. It was worth every penny, and I’d recommend it to anyone. The value is incredible! The fact that I LOOOOOVE my site AND can actually fix it and edit it anytime I want to because I actually know what to do…that’s incredible!”

Holly Parker

Professional Organizer, the Clutter Crusher

Gotta Q? I've got an answer!

How long will it take me to get my site up and running?

That really depends on you! If you have no brand and no copy written, it will take time to develop your branding and write your copy, probably 6-10 hours for each of those sections of the program. As for building your site, if you are pretty tech savvy and familiar with WordPress, it will go fairly quickly. If you're also learning WordPress, it will take longer. 

Creating a website does take time. All of those ads that say "build your site in an hour" assume that you've already got your branding done, copy written, and tech learning curve mastered.

What do I need to know in order to complete this program and get a website?

If you're familiar with WordPress, the tech part might be a little faster, but you don't need to know anything about WordPress at all!

What you do need to know is all about your business! And, since it's your business, you should have that down, but we'll also go pretty deep here as we develop your brand and write your copy.

Can I change the pages on my site or how they look?

Absolutely! I've built your page templates with Beaver Builder, a popular WordPress theme that comes with your coaching package. I'll install all of this on your site - the Beaver Builder theme, page builder plugin, and Ultimate addons, a $268 value. 

And, I'll teach you how to completely customize any of the pages on your site. This is YOUR website, and I want you to be empowered to create the site of YOUR dreams.

What else will I have to pay for?

You'll have to pay for hosting and your domain name. I recommend hosting at Siteground which costs $3.95 a month for the first year. It goes up after that. You can also purchase your domain name through Siteground. Those usually run anywhere from $11-$20. 

Some clients also choose to purchase the required legal documents that you need such as a privacy policy. I have resources in the program as to how to purchase those. By law, you are required to at least have a Privacy policy. My resources cost anywhere from $150-$300, though you are welcome to get your policies from whatever sources you choose.

Everything else is included. However, you might choose a premium font or to purchase images from a site like Shutterstock. You'll have to pay for those.

If you'd like to purchase your own theme license, you can do that as well which would be an additional $268-$450 depending on if you choose yearly or lifetime licenses. A license to Beaver Builder and one premium plugin is included as you are my design client, but you can also purchase your own.

Are there payment options?

Yes! You can pay $1100 in full, or you can pay three payments of $395.

Can I still access the program after I'm done?

Yes, you'll have lifetime access to Create Your Dream Website. That means the life of the course, NOT my life!! When I no longer offer the program, then you can't access it. 

But, you will also have full access to any additions/changes I make as we move forward.

Can I get a refund?

As per the Terms of Use, you can get a full refund within 7 days if you decide this program is not for you.

Or, I can apply the $1100 you paid for the coaching program to a Custom website. Custom packages generally start around $2800 but can go higher depending on a client's needs.

What do I get out of this program?

You'll end up with a completed website for your business! You'll also know how to update, customize, and maintain your site. You'll be able to integrate your online scheduler, your email management system, and social media.

You will be completely in charge of your website from both a design and strategy perspective. 

You will also get Beaver Builder pro plugin, Beaver Themer (the Beaver Builder theme), and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. These are included for the life of the program. You are welcome to purchase your own licenses for these additions. They cost $268/year.

I can't guarantee that your website will be the answer to your business growth - you still have to market yourself, but it will be a great online base that will serve as a foundation for your marketing efforts.

How much access will I have to the instructor?

You will have LOTS of access to me. We will have two one-hour calls, one devoted to site strategy and another devoted to your web copy. You'll also have 12 weeks of access to my weekly office hours where you can call in and ask any question. We also have a private Facebook group for you to ask questions.

Finally, you can email me! I'm there for you - that's why I call this a coaching program and not a course.

How do I sign up?

To enroll, schedule a call with me first. This is a quick 20 minute clarity call to make sure that this is the right program for you. 

Click here to schedule a call.

If we've already chatted and you're ready, click here to enroll. Scroll down the page to the purchase options.

How do I access the course and login?

All of my programs for my coaching and custom design clients "live" at https://www.programs. You can login there. 

You can also find a link to my programs in the footer of this site,