You Deserve a Gorgeous Website that Converts Visitors to Clients.

Let’s Create It...Together!

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Transform Your Website into a Strategic Hub
that Grows Your Business

Wam Bam Website is an eight-week group program, limited to only 20 people per session. This program is designed to get you your first website - a site that’s affordable, professional, AND strategic, a site that will serve as a solid foundation for your business as you grow to the next level.

By the end of the program, you will have a professional, fully customizable WordPress website built with Beaver Builder (the BEST page builder out there) that you will be equipped to manage, update, and even customize further without relying on a designer or developer.


“I had a moment as I was doing the last page or so on my site when I thought, 'I really like designing web pages.' And then right after that thought, I realized that six weeks ago that idea would have NEVER have crossed my mind. Before this program, I dreaded our website. I hated it. I just wanted it to go away, but now, I really like how I can change the colors, adjust the margins, make things exactly how I want because I know how to do it. I like where our site is now, and we’ve already got more ideas for it as our company grows.

I LOVE that I can make these changes and updates on my own when we’re ready to add them.

~ Tarrah Adam,

This program is all about EQUIPPING & EMPOWERING you when it comes to your website.

You will end this program with:

a vibrant website that will serve as the foundation of your business online

 a consistent visual identity to begin building a brand

 all of the copy (text) for your site's key pages: Home, About, & Services

 an understanding of how to organize your website to build your business

If the tech piece is the scary part for you, close your eyes, take a big cleansing breath and get centered. I've got your back on the tech!

I will support you. I spent years in the classroom and firmly believe in supporting my students to get their desired outcomes.

As your website coach, that's my job.

Wam Bam Website is a course AND coaching program that provides support developing your visuals, writing your copy, building your site, and launching it out into the world.

Who is Wam Bam Website for? It's for YOU if

  • You’re unsure about tech, but you're willing to tackle it and like to learn.
  • You've got several hours per week to spend working on your site over the next two months. It's totally doable but it will take a commitment of time.
  • You want to be able to update your website and switch it up without relying on a designer or developer.
  • You love having support and knowing that when you’ve got a question, you won’t have to spend hours Googling the answer or watching out-dated YouTube videos.
  • You’re ready to get out there into the online space, be seen, and market your services in a bigger way.

You're a smart, motivated, ambitious woman, but figuring out how to navigate all the moving pieces of your website is either driving you nuts or stopping you cold.

You don't like your site, so you don't market it. And you don't know how to make any changes to it either.

Here's what you'll get...

  • Access to the ENTIRE Program

    You can login and access all of the class materials when it opens. You don't have to wait for individual lessons to "open."

    The course will run for 8 weeks with two "implementation" weeks.

  • Weekly Group Calls

    We'll have six weekly group coaching Q&A calls during weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, & 8. You'll receive a calendar with specific dates and times for the calls.

    Premium and VIP members will have coaching Q&A calls all 8 weeks of the program.

  • Step-by-Step Lessons

    Video and text lessons that walk you through each step of the process from creating your visual identity, writing your copy, customizing your site and launching it into the world.

  • All the Tech Setup and Installed for You

    We'll install WordPress, Beaver Builder & Beaver Themer (a $199/year value), Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, a premium plugin valued at $69/year, and plugins for SEO, Google Analytics, speed optimization.

    We'll also install your chosen set of page templates. All you need to do is go in and customize them. 

  • Private Facebook Group

    Upon enrollment, you'll receive an invite to a private Facebook group - another great resource where you can ask questions, share your copy or ideas and get feedback from Amy and other members in the program.

  • BONUS - Email & Scheduling

    Building your list is key to building your business, so we'll go through how to set up email optin forms in strategic places on your site.

    This bonus also includes lessons on integrating Acuity online scheduling, so clients can make appointments with you directly from your website.


    Once you get your site built, let's make sure your ideal clients find it.

    This bonus is an introduction to SEO and explains what the heck SEO is, shows you how to find keywords, and optimize each page and post on your website.

  • BONUS - All About

    Blogging & regular content creation is one of the best ways to get your site some good SEO juice. This bonus shows you how to optimize your sidebar, set up your categories, and start posting regular blogs & content.

  • BONUS - WordPress

    Need to add a new page? Tweak your menu? 

    This bonus goes through basic WordPress functionality, so you have total control over your new website.

Good Design = Good Copy

You can have a GORGEOUS website, but if your messaging is off, it won't convert.

A BIG part of this program is drilling down your copy so it clearly communicates who you are and what you do to your target market.

That's why I've invited Professional Copywriter, Abbi Wood,  to teach a BONUS hour-long course on drilling down your "biznality" and adding yourself and your voice to your website copy.

The title of her program is "Finding the Freedom to Self-Express and Resonate with Your Audience" and it will happen during week 3!  

Explore the templates now.

We'll install your fav set of page templates and walk you through how to completely customize every last pixel in Module #5.

All of the templates are done in black, white, and gray, so you can focus on the layouts you like rather than the colors.

Choose the BEST options for you....



  • Group Q&A calls
  • Facebook Group
  • Payment Plan*
  • Premium theme
  • Full site install
  • Course Modules
  • Bonus Modules
  • 1:1 Get started call
  • 1:1 Pre-launch call
  • 30-min. tech calls
  • Copy edit

Wam Bam Website


  • Group Q&A calls 6
  • Facebook Group yes
  • Payment Plan* yes
  • Premium theme yes
  • Full site install yes
  • Course Modules 5
  • Bonus Modules 5
  • 1:1 Get started call -
  • 1:1 Pre-launch call -
  • 30-min. tech calls -
  • Copy edit -



  • Group Q&A calls 8
  • Facebook Group yes
  • Payment Plan* yes
  • Premium theme yes
  • Full site install yes
  • Course Modules 5
  • Bonus Modules 5
  • 1:1 Get started call -
  • 1:1 Pre-launch call 75 min.
  • 30-min. tech calls 1 call
  • Copy edit -



  • Group Q&A calls 8
  • Facebook Group yes
  • Payment Plan* yes
  • Premium theme yes
  • Full site install yes
  • Course Modules 5
  • Bonus Modules 5
  • 1:1 Get started call 60 min.
  • 1:1 Pre-launch call 75 min.
  • 30-min. tech calls 2 calls
  • Copy edit 2 pages

Still have a question or concern?

How long will it take me to get my website launched?

That depends on you! The program will run for eight weeks and we'll have Q & A calls throughout the program. 

Some clients launch before the end of the program, others take a bit longer. 

A website does take time, so plan accordingly to get the most out of the program.

What if I'm not very techy?

Amy will install WordPress, install the theme, plugins, and templates. You'll follow step-by-step videos on how to customize any and every aspect of your website. And, you'll have support for this in the calls and the Facebook group. 

If you're comfortable with learning new technical skills, and you want to have creative and technical control of your website so that you can change it on your own, or even build a whole new one if you'd like, this program is a perfect fit.

Do you have a discount program or scholarships available?

Right now, there are no discounts or scholarships available. 

However, there are payment plans available.

Is there any 1:1 support?

Yes!! There is a TON of 1:1 support in this program. That's why it's a Coaching program and NOT a course!! I've taken programs where the course provider sells, sells, sells, and then vanishes. That infuriates me!

This is a high-touch program. There are 6-8 group calls where you get 1:1 support and coaching through the process. If you can't make a call live, you can post questions in the FB group and I'll answer them there or on the call.

All the call recordings are posted in the group program so you can access them if you missed one.

You also have the option to upgrade to Premium or VIP and get dedicated 1:1 support.

Can I get a refund?

As per the Terms of Use, you can get a full refund within 7 days if you decide this program is not for you.

Or, I can apply the fee that you paid for the coaching program to a Custom website. Custom packages generally start around $3000 but can go lower or higher depending on a client's needs.

How long will I have access to the progam?

You'll have lifetime access. That means the life of the course, NOT Amy's life!! When I no longer offer the program, then you can't access it. 

But, you will also have full access to any additions/changes I make as we move forward.

How do I sign up?

If you're all ready, click here to enroll. You can choose your payment options, get registered, and get started on the day the course opens.

How do I access the course?

All of Entwine Web Design's programs are  at https://www.programs.

You can login there. 

What else will I have to pay for?

You'll have to pay for hosting and your domain name. I recommend hosting at Siteground which costs $3.95 a month for the first year. It goes up after that.

You can also purchase your domain name through Siteground. Those usually run anywhere from $11-$20. 

Some clients also choose to purchase the required legal documents that you need such as a privacy policy. I have resources in the program as to how to purchase those. By law, you are required to at least have a Privacy policy. My resources cost anywhere from $150-$300, though you are welcome to get your policies from whatever sources you choose.

You might choose to purchase a premium font or images from a site like Shutterstock. You'll have to pay for those.

If you'd like to purchase your own theme license, you can do that as well which would be an additional $268-$450 depending on if you choose yearly or lifetime licenses. A license to Beaver Builder and one premium plugin is included as you are my design client, but you can also purchase your own.

Do I need to know how to use WordPress?

If you're familiar with WordPress, the tech part might be a little faster, but you don't need to know anything about WordPress at all!

What you do need to know is all about your business! And, since it's your business, you should have that down, but we'll also go pretty deep here as we develop the visual elements for your site and write your copy.

Will I be able to change stuff on my site? Like the pages or layout?

Absolutely! We'll build your pages with Beaver Builder, a popular WordPress theme that comes with your coaching package. I'll install all of this on your site - the Beaver Builder theme, page builder plugin, and Ultimate addons, a $398 value. 

And, I'll teach you how to completely customize any of the pages on your site. This is YOUR website, and I want you to be empowered to create the site of YOUR dreams.

Still got questions?

Email [email protected] and ask. 

Or, schedule a website clarity call and Amy will answer your questions in person.

This is an investment of time and money, so please ask any of your questions to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Enroll in Wam Bam Website & Get Visible and Building Your Business Online

If you are interested in this program but have questions, please schedule a call.

I’d love to chat to make sure this program is a good fit and exactly what you need to get your website up and working for your business.

If you know this is right for you, go ahead and get on the "Let me know when Wam Bam Website opens" list.  Wam Bam Website is LIMITED to 20 people PER session.

There are also early-bird sign up bonuses (and a little birdie told me this next round it might be a custom brand board for your business) for those who sign up in the first 24 hours after the doors open! So if this program is for you...get on the list!

"I was terrified of getting a website. I had thought about doing it for a while. But I’m not a tech person, so it was freaking me out on what to do and how to do it. Starting out my business, I couldn’t afford to do a whole custom website, so the Wam Bam program was perfect. I didn’t know where to start or what to do in what order when it came to creating a website. I found the videos in the program to be very informative. I'm a visual learner, so I could follow them and it anchored in my learning. I felt like Amy was right there beside me saying, ‘Okay, now do this, now do that’ which made it super easy for me since the tech is what freaked me out." 
Corrie Corrigan, Clarity & Energy Coach

Here's what some previous Wam Bam Participants had to say about their experience in the program...

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