Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nebila Dhieb on her new website. Dr. Dhieb is an educator working with ESL teachers who want to improve their teaching skills and moms of preschoolers who want to positively impact their children’s education. She does this through her Transformative Education programs.

The website we created is Nebila’s first website for her new business. She wanted to highlight her courses for ESL teachers and her coaching/consulting program for moms of preschoolers.

During our first meeting, we discussed all of her offerings and the goals for her new site. She wanted a bold, vibrant and professional site that clearly differentiated her two sets of offerings but also appealed to both sets of clients, ESL teachers and moms.

We also focused on clearly defining Transformative Education which really encompasses all that she does. We did that in two spots, on the Homepage right below the header where she explains exactly what she does and on the About page.

Differentiating her two sets of offerings was perhaps the biggest challenge in designing the site, so we decided to use color, assigning each category a different color: lime green for anything about Dr. Dhieb, navy for Transformative ESL Education, and teal for Transformative Parenting. We wove these colors throughout the site to give it the vibrant feel she was looking for.

On the Homepage, we dedicated space to each of her offerings. Those sections then linked to pages devoted to Transformative ESL Education and Transformative Parenting.


We decided to use her About Page to clearly define Transformative Education, and we put a link in the header on her Homepage to direct visitors there. From there, we added a link to her contact page where visitors can contact her to set up an appointment for a free consultation.


Because Nebila has two different offerings, we added a page dedicated to each of her programs rather than a single “work with me” page. The pages have a similar layout but are differentiated with images and color.

We also added a speaker box to the bottom of each of these pages as Nebila has spoken worldwide at conferences and events.

Nebila’s new site is also fully responsive.


I had a wonderful time working with Dr. Nebila Dhieb on this project, and I’m so happy to have played a role in launching her online business. As a woman who has spent the vast majority of my own career in the classroom, I believe deeply in the work that she is doing to improve the education of our children through her work with both teachers and parents. She is making a difference in the world, and I love that!


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