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web design for Dr. Nebila Dhieb

Web Design & Development | Dr. Nebila Dhieb

Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nebila Dhieb on her new website. Dr. Dhieb is an educator working with ESL teachers who want to improve their teaching skills ...
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cta web design blog graphic

Have Fun with your Calls to Action

Let me tell you a little story. Pretend for a moment, that I'm on your website. I've read your amazing copy on your services page, and I'm thinking, "Yes, this is perfect. This person ...
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simple web design limit visitors choices

Simple Web Design: Limit Your Visitors’ Choices

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed with making a decision? I'm not talking major life decisions, like if you should get married or if you should quit your day job to sell your ...
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site redesign case study

Strategic Site Redesign: Capital City Arts Initiative

This project started during a lunch date with Sharon Rosse, the founder and director of the Capital City Arts Initiative, or CCAI. We were chatting about web design, and I mentioned web strategy. ...
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fear of starting a business online - website coaching

Overcoming Your Fear of Starting a Business Online

I've spent the past month doing website reviews and also talking to women who have amazing business ideas. They're energetic, excited, bright, and....stuck. The fear of starting their business by building a website ...
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psychology in web design

Psyching Out Your Website: Psychology in Web Design

If you've got a website, you're trying to sell something or get people to engage with you. The goal of your site is to convince your visitors that you are the best person for them ...
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creating a website for your business

How to Approach Creating a Website for Your Business (even if you don’t know where to start)

I’ve had a few interesting conversations lately with amazing, smart, vibrant women who feel completely overwhelmed with creating a website that looks good and supports their business. They DIY'd their site and now feel ...
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writing your homepage headline blog graphic

4 Steps to Writing Your Homepage Headline

You know why you have a website. You want to get yourself and your business out into the world. You want to build your list and a tribe of great people, and you ...
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What is digital strategy in web design?

What is digital strategy in web design?

A few weeks ago, I was discussing a client's website with her. Most of our discussion centered around her digital strategy, so I had a little brainstorm and asked her, on the spot, ...
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My Scary, Soul-Satisfying, Mid-Life Career Change

My Scary, Soul-Satisfying Career Pivot: Teacher to WordPress Designer & Tech Coach

It can be terrifying to make a total life shift, especially when it comes to career, but sometimes? Our soul calls us to it. It's harder to stay where we are, in a ...
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define website goals

Website Goals? Define Yours

Before you begin building a website, it's super important to start at the very beginning....with a plan. While choosing your colors, creating a logo, and deciding on your overall branding is probably the ...
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Create an Easy Thank You Page when new clients schedule a call with your

Create an Easy Thank You Page for Your Clients When They Schedule

You open your email and see that you've got a new appointment scheduled. Yay!! Whether it's a brand new potential client who's scheduled a free "discovery session" or a client who has scheduled ...
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Case Study: Branding, Web Design, & Development for Grief Coach Uma Girish

Branding | Web Design & Development: Uma Girish

"When I hired Amy, I felt guided to say “yes” to working with her which goes a long way, in my book. I was tired of staring at a website which looked outdated, ...
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Branding, Web Design & Development for Transformational Coach Usha Sharma

Branding | Web Design & Development: Usha Sharma

  "I felt the task of creating a website was too big and time consuming, especially because I don't identify myself as a 'techie.' Amy made the process easy, fun,and I love my ...
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How to Write Compelling Web Copy

The Four C’s to Writing Compelling Copy

You're excited. You've got an amazing business idea. Maybe you've had a few clients, and you've hired a designer (or decided to DIY) a brand new, sparkly web site to showcase you and your ...
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Will This Be Your New Site?

I'd love to chat with you about building your dream site. You can connect with me here to set that up.
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revising web copy

How to Revise your Web Copy – 9 Strategies

This post is NOT about how to write your pages, what to include in your copy, or how to incorporate your keywords in a natural and organic way. Nope. This post is all ...
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Write Better Web Copy by Reading Like a (copy) Writer

Write Better Copy by Reading like a (copy)Writer

You're a writer. You can string together words into entire novels or non-fiction masterpieces. Maybe you've even got an agent or been published, and now you want a new website or an overhaul ...
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How to Format your Copy for your website (or your web designer)

How to Format Your Content for Your Web Site (or web designer)

  As both a web designer and writer, I love both the design and copywriting aspects of creating a site. I often work with writers who want to write all of their own copy ...
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