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How to Host Your Site on Siteground and Install WordPress

Buying your domain name, getting hosting...and finally...FINALLY...installing WordPress to get your shiny new site up and running are exciting steps and the beginning of launching your new online dreams. I know how overwhelming ...
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How to Find and Optimize (Shrink) Images for Your Website

Ah, images. Every single website needs a few good photos. A website without a picture on it is like a summer day with no sunshine - yucky and dark. When you go to ...
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What Pages Does Your Site Really Need?

During my first meeting with clients, whether it's a custom web design project or a website coaching client, we discuss what pages they need on their website. Often, clients have thoughts and ideas ...
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Rebranding Entwine Web Design with 3 Steps to (re)Create Your Brand

Ah, the joys (and horrors) of being a teenager and trying to figure out who the hell you are and even who you want to be. This all came back to me full ...
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Website Testimonials: where to put them on your website

  Testimonials. Kind Words. Praise. Customer Reviews. What our customers/clients say/are saying..... A testimonial, or a statement of a product or service provider's value, character, or qualifications, is super important in this age of marketing ...
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What is Web Copy? And How is it Different from Web Content?

Last week I was talking to a client, and I mentioned the word copy. Our conversation took one of those weird convoluted turns and all of a sudden neither of us knew what ...
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Sarah D. Karnes | Branding, Site Design, & Development

This site, out of all the sites I've built, has the most dramatic before and after pics - which I love. Transformation is one of my favorite things, whether the change is an ...
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What Should You Put on Your Homepage?

Before we dive into what goes on your homepage, let’s talk about the homepage's purpose. Do you know what it is? The answer is probably far simpler than you’re thinking right now. The ...
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Boost Your Brand: 4 Foundational Tips

Ah, branding. In a quick Google search of "Branding a Business" there are over 16 MILLION results. "Personal Branding" returns over 14 million. Clearly, branding is big business and a hot topic in ...
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Lisa Maries Cosmetic Solutions | Branding, Design, & Development

I gotta say....I loved, loved, LOVED working with Lisa Marie and creating this custom web design for her salon. Not only was the site and brand visually really fun to create but Lisa ...
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4 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Updated & Maintained

You've got a new website, and it's beautiful! login to draft a blog post and find a bunch of little scary orange warning circles all over the WordPress sidebar and top bar. ...
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Unexpected Biz Lessons from 2017

Every year, I spend time during the month of December reviewing my year. I go through old notebooks and planners, taking notes, journaling, and reflecting on the lessons in the words I wrote. ...
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Is your Business ready for a website?

Here’s the BIG question I’m going to address here: Does your business need a website? It’s a big question and most people would answer with an unequivocal “yes,” but the answer to the ...
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7 Steps to Naming Your Online Business

[Article updated Feb. 2019] You’ve got a great business idea. You’ve even worked with some clients and tested your idea. It’s a good one, and it’s time to make it official. You need ...
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What is Website & WordPress Coaching?

I started my business, Entwine Web Design, with a focus on web design, hence the name of my business. Shortly after I launched, I found myself talking to a potential client. She was ...
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How to write an About Page for Your Website

This page is a paradox because even though it says it's About YOU, the site owner, it's not really. It's about your visitors and how you can help them, which can make writing ...
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Should I put prices on my website?

The question of putting prices on your website has come up several times over the past week, in conversations with friends, clients, and in Facebook groups I participate in. In all honesty, I've ...
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What are the Must Have WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are key to making WordPress work and also for making your website super customizable. But before we dive into the must have WordPress plugins for your site, let's first define what the ...
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Elko Library Tech Talk Slides

On Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, I did a presentation at the Elko County Library on "How to Start a Website with WordPress." These are the slides from that presentation. They don't go into ...
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DIY Your Site, get Website Coaching, or Hire a Designer?

Launching an online business can be, simultaneously, one of the most exciting and overwhelming ventures of your entire life. Why? Because putting a website up forces you to not only dig deep and ...
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Website Coaching Program | The Clutter Crusher

Last spring, I had a business changing phone call with Holly Parker, organizer extraordinaire. She wanted a website to for her organizing business, The Clutter Crusher, but she'd had a long and frustrating ...
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