Make Your Website Work Coaching Program

When your website connects with your dream clients, your business WILL grow.

If getting your website and your business to attract your ideal client has been a challenge, let's talk.

Fitting all the pieces together can feel overwhelming and hard, but it's totally doable...because it's about YOU and creating super clear and authentic messaging, strategy, and marketing that comes from your heart. No gimmicks. No tricks.

My goal is to support you in building a business...

  • that lights you UP and brings you JOY
  • that supports you financially
  • that feels easy
  • that is based on your intuition and guidance

It IS possible, AND you don't have to do it alone. There is so much power in having a coach's support, accountability, and strategic guidance.

What will we work on during our sessions?

  • Your website strategy - what pages, plugins, features, and functionality would best support you in reaching your business goals
  • How to navigate the WordPress dashboard and a basic overview of how it all works
  • Blogging strategy and organization
  • Email list integration and setting up your sales funnels and automated sequences (not sure what that means? I'll walk you through it step by step).
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Onsite Conversion Strategies to support converting visitors to clients
  • Revising & Strengthening your Site Copy & Messaging
  • Setting up and utilizing Google Analytics to help you make data-driven marketing decisions
  • Whatever other techy stuff comes up that you need support with, like setting up your own funnel with a landing page, thank you page, email series. WordPress can do ALL of that without paying extra on confusing funnel software

All coaching starts with a package that includes:

  • Recorded sessions over Zoom 
  • Asana and Voxer support and check-ins
  • a full web review so I can help guide you in setting goals and breaking down what we need to do to reach them
  • recordings of any tech walk-throughs we do that you can access indefinitely

This package is fully customized. Maybe you need four months of weekly support. Awesome - let's do that! Maybe you want to learn how to set up a popup to a landing page to a thank you page funnel sequence right on your website. I got you!

How this works:

#1) Click on the "Schedule a Call" button and fill out the form with some questions.

#2) Before we meet, I’ll do a quick review of your questions and spend time on your website seeing what you’ve got set up and what would best help you to reach your goals.

#3) On the day of our session, we’ll log into Zoom, and discover if website coaching is a good fit for you to reach your goals.


Make Your Website Work Coaching price is customized per client but generally packages start at $997 for extended education and support.

To get started with coaching, click the button below to schedule a preliminary chat to make sure website coaching is right for you.