What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

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Last week, one of my students who is just beginning her journey into the online world as a business owner, asked about a blog – “What is it? What’s it for? Is there a certain format?” She’s interested in blogging, but she’s “not really clear on what ‘it’ is.” These are valid questions, as it…

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To Increase Website Conversions, Avoid These DIY Mistakes

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Let me start this post by with a fact: every service-based business needs a website. When you’re ready to grow your business, a website is a non-negotiable asset, and happily, there are quite a few platforms out there for small business owners to build their own websites, and motivated entrepreneurs create their own websites every day. I love…

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My process & tools for blogging consistently

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I’ve been blogging for years. I started on a personal blog in 2012, launched a blog for teen writers that I ran from 2013-2016, and now I write on Entwine Web Design and occasionally my writer blog over at amyisamanbooks.com. It took me a while to learn to write a blog post and figure out…

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How to write, structure, & format a blog post in 5 steps

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Can I ask you a question? When you launched your website did you have the best of intentions to blog but then…life and business happened? Did posting on your blog turn into #onemoredamnthing to do because actually writing it seemed like the equivalent to running a marathon or sitting through your 3-year-old niece’s 4-hour-long dance recital?…

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6 Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging, vlogging, social media, video, podcasting and on and on and on. The options for creating content for your clients and visitors can feel huge and overwhelming. It can also feel like a “distraction” from your real work. But I’m here to tell you, the benefits of blogging regularly on your business website will reap…

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6 Steps to Get Great Testimonials for Your Website

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Getting great testimonials and highlighting them on your website is key to creating credibility and attracting the right clients. But how do you get an amazing testimonial? And…what makes a testimonial really solid? Before we dive in, think of the word “testimonial.” A testimonial from a client is a testament, a statement testifying to something’s worth. If…

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How to write an About Page for Your Website

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This page is a paradox because even though it says it’s About YOU, the site owner, it’s not really. It’s about your visitors and how you can help them, which can make writing an about page a challenge. How do you write about them when it’s about you? Focusing on your visitors on your about…

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