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2018, ooooh what a year…and what’s next?

Like many, I've been thinking quite a bit about the coming year, but before I could even begin to look forward, I had to spend the past few weeks looking back. 2018 was ...
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Can YOU do tech too?

When I was teaching full-time, I often heard my students say things like, "I can't do _______." Fill in the blank with math, writing, taking a test, sports...whatever they felt challenged by. Often, ...
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how do I get traffic to my website blog graphic

7 Tips to Get Visitors to your Website

In order to get your website to work to build your business, you've got to get potential clients TO your website. This is all about the math. If you have more visitors to ...
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gdpr compliance on my website

Can you ignore the GDPR law?

The GDPR. Ugh. Have references to it been filling your inbox over the past few weeks like they have mine? If you have no idea what I'm talking about or have ignored the ...
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Unexpected Biz Lessons from 2017

Every year, I spend time during the month of December reviewing my year. I go through old notebooks and planners, taking notes, journaling, and reflecting on the lessons in the words I wrote. ...
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fear of starting a business online - website coaching

Overcoming Your Fear of Starting a Business Online

I've spent the past month doing website reviews and also talking to women who have amazing business ideas. They're energetic, excited, bright, and....stuck. The fear of starting their business by building a website ...
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My Scary, Soul-Satisfying, Mid-Life Career Change

My Scary, Soul-Satisfying Career Pivot: Teacher to WordPress Designer & Tech Coach

It can be terrifying to make a total life shift, especially when it comes to career, but sometimes? Our soul calls us to it. It's harder to stay where we are, in a ...
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