Website Real Talk with Tarrah Adam

In honor of Wam Bam Website opening up to the world on October 15, over the next week and a half, I’m doing a series of interviews and Q&A website sessions that I’ve titled Real Talk Websites. First up in the series is my interview with Tarrah Adam about her experience in Wam Bam Website.…

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How to Choose Website Colors in 6 Steps

how to choose website colors

On a website, color, fonts, imagery, textures, graphics, and copy all work together to create a cohesive whole that is designed to draw visitors in and connect with them. The element that tends to jump out first is a site’s colors. As humans we notice it instantly and associate feelings and emotions with the colors…

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To Increase Website Conversions, Avoid These DIY Mistakes

increase website conversions blog graphic

Let me start this post by with a fact: every service-based business needs a website. When you’re ready to grow your business, a website is a non-negotiable asset, and happily, there are quite a few platforms out there for small business owners to build their own websites, and motivated entrepreneurs create their own websites every day. I love…

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6 Steps to Get Great Testimonials for Your Website

how to get testimonials blog graphic

Getting great testimonials and highlighting them on your website is key to creating credibility and attracting the right clients. But how do you get an amazing testimonial? And…what makes a testimonial really solid? Before we dive in, think of the word “testimonial.” A testimonial from a client is a testament, a statement testifying to something’s worth. If…

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Website Resources and Tools for Your Online Biz

website resources blog graphic

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all of the website and online business options to choose from? If you’re in business, then most likely you’ve got a website, and because online business is BIG business in this internet driven world and economy, there are SO MANY options for every single aspect of your business. Whether…

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Can you ignore the GDPR law?

gdpr compliance on my website

The GDPR. Ugh. Have references to it been filling your inbox over the past few weeks like they have mine? If you have no idea what I’m talking about or have ignored the whole thing, if you’ve got a website and you collect information from visitors (like emails) you’ve got to pay attention…for a minute…

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