“When I hired Amy, I felt guided to say “yes” to working with her which goes a long way, in my book. I was tired of staring at a website which looked outdated, crowded, and messy. It didn’t truly represent who I am and what I do in a way that was meaningful to me or my clients. The designer I hired for my original site made all the decisions because I didn’t know any better. But for this project, Amy held my hand and guided me, asking me the right questions to help her create a website that authentically reflects me and my work. She’s also patient and listens well, kindly guiding those of us who aren’t quite as tech savvy. Finally, she’s tenacious, working at something until it’s just right, and we’re both satisfied with it.”

If you’ve ever struggled to get through any kind of loss in your life, you probably could have used the amazing services of my delightful client, Uma Girish. Uma serves others as a grief coach which is a calling she discovered after her own mother passed away in 2009, just eight months after she had emigrated to the United States from India. She originally came to the US to teach English as a Second Language. Then she found herself walking a completely different path.

When Uma approached me for her web design project, she felt that her site was dated looking and confusing. It didn’t highlight her key offerings or really give visitors a sense of who she is or what she does. The navigation was confusing, and her offerings were buried in the site.

She also wanted a new site to increase exposure of her books, podcast, and courses in order to increase sales. Hay House published her memoir, Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours which is a really big deal, but her book was difficult for visitors to find.

Step 1 | Discovery

“Amy’s fun, easy to talk to, works really, and has a great eye for design. I also loved the collaborative experience. I felt heard, and my website is ME now! I feel great about the design and the entire process.”

During our first meeting, we discussed all of her offerings and what she wanted to highlight on her site. Uma also wanted her site to reflect her authentic self, as she said, “I want ME to shine through.” She wanted her values of healing, peace, and calm to radiate throughout the entire site as it welcomed visitors.

Several keywords came up over and over in our discussion as well as her initial Client Questionnaire. These words directed the entirety of the project: peaceful, soothing, uncluttered, welcoming, wholeness, warm, comforting, celebrate my “Indianness,” and healing.

She was ready to go big and begin marketing her services in a much bigger way. While I broke down her offerings and began to plan for a more streamlined navigation on her new site, Uma began creating an inspiration board on Pinterest.

Step 2 | Inspiration

Uma wanted to keep her original brand colors of orange and green as those are the colors of the angels Raphael and Gabriel with whom she works, but we softened them a bit and added a soft peach.

I sorted through her images  and found some commonalities between them: the colors and the natural textures, bright pops of color, and touches of India. Focusing on these elements, I created an inspiration board that served as a guide for the entire project.


uma girish inspiration board


Step 3 | Web Design

Once Uma approved the colors and the subsequent wireframes for her pages, we began on the design. Here’s a screen shot of her original site.



uma girish old site design



On her new homepage, we brightened up the green color, but kept the orange circles. We also added mandalas to them to mimic the henna tattoos that she liked and to add a touch of her Indian heritage. We highlighted her book right at the top of the homepage, and we also added a video.

Uma has an incredibly compelling and soothing speaking voice. Halfway through our initial conversation, I asked if she had a video for her homepage for clients to hear her speak. I’ve never been so compelled to add “voice” to a website. Thankfully, she had this video made last year but hadn’t known how to add it to her old site, so we highlighted it on her new site.



We also added specific pages for each of her offerings.




web design for coaches



Work With Me

web design for grief coach


Uma’s new site is also fully responsive.


responsive web design

responsive web design


“Working with Amy felt like a beautiful collaborative co-creative venture. She wanted to know WHO I AM, so she could reflect that through my site…what a gift! I got to see the site unfold step by step and shape the process with her. What she created is MY website; not something a web designer cobbled together in a hurry just so I could have an address on the Internet!!”





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