What is digital strategy in web design?

What is digital strategy in web design?

A few weeks ago, I was discussing a client's website with her. Most of our discussion centered around her digital strategy, so I had a little brainstorm and asked her, on the spot, ...
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My Scary, Soul-Satisfying, Mid-Life Career Change

My Scary, Soul-Satisfying Career Pivot: Teacher to WordPress Designer & Tech Coach

It can be terrifying to make a total life shift, especially when it comes to career, but sometimes? Our soul calls us to it. It's harder to stay where we are, in a ...
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define website goals

Website Goals? Define Yours

Before you begin building a website, it's super important to start at the very beginning....with a plan. While choosing your colors, creating a logo, and deciding on your overall branding is probably the ...
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Create an Easy Thank You Page when new clients schedule a call with your

Create an Easy Thank You Page for Your Clients When They Schedule

You open your email and see that you've got a new appointment scheduled. Yay!! Whether it's a brand new potential client who's scheduled a free "discovery session" or a client who has scheduled ...
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Case Study: Branding, Web Design, & Development for Grief Coach Uma Girish

Branding | Web Design & Development: Uma Girish

"When I hired Amy, I felt guided to say “yes” to working with her which goes a long way, in my book. I was tired of staring at a website which looked outdated, ...
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Branding, Web Design & Development for Transformational Coach Usha Sharma

Branding | Web Design & Development: Usha Sharma

  "I felt the task of creating a website was too big and time consuming, especially because I don't identify myself as a 'techie.' Amy made the process easy, fun,and I love my ...
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How to Write Compelling Web Copy

The Four C’s to Writing Compelling Copy

You're excited. You've got an amazing business idea. Maybe you've had a few clients, and you've hired a designer (or decided to DIY) a brand new, sparkly web site to showcase you and your ...
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revising web copy

How to Revise your Web Copy – 9 Strategies

This post is NOT about how to write your pages, what to include in your copy, or how to incorporate your keywords in a natural and organic way. Nope. This post is all ...
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Write Better Web Copy by Reading Like a (copy) Writer

Write Better Copy by Reading like a (copy)Writer

You're a writer. You can string together words into entire novels or non-fiction masterpieces. Maybe you've even got an agent or been published, and now you want a new website or an overhaul ...
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How to Format your Copy for your website (or your web designer)

How to Format Your Content for Your Web Site (or web designer)

  As both a web designer and writer, I love both the design and copywriting aspects of creating a site. I often work with writers who want to write all of their own copy ...
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