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Is Your Site Ready to Outsmart Your Competitors in 2020?

One way of getting an edge over the competition is with a website that really stands out. You should be at the top of your game no matter what your budget, simply by ...
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How do you know you’ve got a great idea?

You know you've got a good idea when your ideas are all of a sudden everywhere! Two things happened this week that made me think about ideas and originality and how we can ...
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A Non-Tech Girls’ Guide: How to do a Website Review on Your Site

[This article was originally posted in August 2017 and updated August 2019] Before we get into how to review website, let me define it exactly what a website review is. What is a ...
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Why does a custom website cost so much?

Before I start this post outlining the costs of a custom website, I want to make three key points: #1 - Despite what GoDaddy and Wix say in their ads, you CANNOT create ...
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Cindy Okroj & Your Bon Accord | Custom Branding and Web Design

Cindy Okroj reached out to me in the fall of 2018, desperate for a site that wouldn't break. She actually really liked her old site, but every time WordPress or a plugin was ...
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7 steps to Finding & Hiring the Perfect Web Designer for You

You want a new website. It's an exciting time, and whether it's your very first site or you're ready for an updated, redesigned site, I strongly encourage you to take some time in ...
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Spring Clean Your Website

I'm not sure where the term "spring cleaning" comes from, but it hits me hard every year. I find myself gutting closets and donating my stuff to the high school's Speech and Debate ...
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How to Get and Customize Your Sidebar in WordPress

Are you thinking about adding a sidebar to your WordPress blog? That's great news. When people come to your website for the first time, often they find you through a blog post or ...
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A Heart & Gut-Based Business Plan

Last week, I attended a four-day event for women business owners. It was a small mastermind group led by an amazing coach who confirmed for me something that I know but that can ...
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How to Create Hidden Pages in WordPress (and why you should)

As kids, we all played the game of hide and seek. Remember? Somebody is "IT." They count to 100 while everybody else scrambles to get the BEST hiding place and avoid being the ...
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2018, ooooh what a year…and what’s next?

Like many, I've been thinking quite a bit about the coming year, but before I could even begin to look forward, I had to spend the past few weeks looking back. 2018 was ...
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How to update your Copyright Notice on your WordPress Website’s Footer

Since the new year, I've had clients ask me about the copyright date on their sites, and I've seen several Facebook posts and blog posts all about "updating the copyright date" on your ...
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Janet Conner Prayer Artist | Custom Branding & Web Design

For my final custom design and build project of 2018, I had the honor of working with a teacher and mentor of mine, a woman I've admired and learned from for a decade. ...
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Can YOU do tech too?

When I was teaching full-time, I often heard my students say things like, "I can't do _______." Fill in the blank with math, writing, taking a test, sports...whatever they felt challenged by. Often, ...
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Decorate your Website for Christmas in Five Minutes!

[Updated Dec. 2018] 'Tis the season for decorating. Houses are filled with Christmas trees, small baby Jesus figurines, candles burning on menorahs, Santas, and angels. But what about your website? Does it reflect ...
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how to navigate gutenberg

Guten…what? WordPress’s new editor

Change is in the air in the WordPress world, which is why I chose the new WordPress editor for November's Take Action Tutorial. looks like the release date of WordPress 5.0 and ...
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9 Strategies that Work to Convert Site Visitors to Clients

You've built your site, launched it into the world, and....crickets. Why isn't anyone calling? This can be scary especially when you've made an investment of time and money into your website. Thankfully, it ...
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7 Tips to Get Visitors to your Website

In order to get your website to work to build your business, you've got to get potential clients TO your website. This is all about the math. If you have more visitors to ...
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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is one of those things that can feel a little overwhelming, like one more thing, but it's great to have on your website. You'll get TONS of super helpful data that ...
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wambam website interview with karen ledesma

Website Real Talk with Karen Ledesma

In this Real Talk Website Interview, I'm happy to introduce Karen Ledesma, a lovely woman who's looking forward to launching her new site. Her embodied soul care site will focus on her 1:1 ...
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Website Real Talk with Corrie Corrigan

In honor of Wam Bam Website opening up to the world on October 15, over the next week and a half, I'm doing a series of interviews and Q&A website sessions that I've ...
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