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I work with soulful entrepreneurs who are ready for a gorgeous website but are overwhelmed with figuring out where to start and frustrated with the tech. I partner with them to create a website that reflects who they are and showcases their offerings, so they can stand out and attract the tribe of people they’re meant to serve.

Your website is your online home, a peek into who you are and what you do. If you’re following your calling and offering the best of what you’ve got to the world, your website should reflect your unique business and offerings. It should be YOU, not a cookie cutter site that kinda looks like everyone else’s.

And, your site’s gotta work for you. It’s WAY more than a pretty space online that reflects who you are and what you do. It needs to not only attract the amazing people you want to work with but also convert them into clients. You want a site that gets results because the more results you get, the more you can get your message out there and serve who you’re meant to serve.

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sarah karnes life coach client headshot“Amy was very present with me in the process of creating my new site. She helped me break things down into bite size chunks and clearly walked me through the tech stuff, so it was less crazy making for me. She went the extra mile, with lightheartedness and kindness, to get my site done in a timely and beautiful way.”

Sarah D. Karnes ~

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